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What Are the Odds? A List of Long-Shot Odds in Texas Holdem

Odds of quads over quads? Help me win a bet... - Poker ... He went on to claim that the odds of that happening (two players get quads in the same hand) were ridiculous (he guessed 1 in 3.5 million). Obviously, being the degenerate gamblers we are, made it a $100 bet. If the actual odds of quads over quads is < 1 in every 1 million hands I win the $100. Can someone help me out? What are the odds of having 2 Quads ... - Poker Stack Exchange With 7 cards to choose from in hold'em, your hole cards and the board, the odds of making quads is about 1 in 595. (13 * (48 choose 3)) / (52 choose 7) which = 0.00168067227 or 1 in 595. This is over the entire 7 cards. So for another person to have quads in the same hand we figure out how many possible hands are left. Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator - Holdem Quads ...

Quads over Quads – A Jaw-Dropping Hand By Adam Goulding on November 30, 2010 0 Comments In five years of blogging, never have I encountered a hand as jaw-dropping as this one, but the final of the PartyPoker’s World Poker Open has brought a truly remarkable hand that will leave poker fans aghast on the small screen.

21. Juli 2013 ... Wie wahrscheinlich ist Set-over-Set, wie oft trifft man einen Bad-Beat-Jackpot, wie wahrscheinlich ist Quads-over-Quads und wie oft bekomme ... Odds of quads over quads? Help me win a bet... - Poker Advice - PocketFives

HG has separate BBJs; quads over quads specifically is 100k, or 150k between 10pm and midnight. Aces full of tens beaten by quads or better seeds at 40k (coincidentally I hit table share for 48k on Friday!). Hand in OP was in the 150k window, quad 3s got 60k, quad 5s 30k, and table share was 8500. Everyone at table was super jazzed, haha.

Apr 16, 2019 ... Four-of-a-kind, or quads as its usually known in poker, is essentially an ... will lose set over set, going quads over quads is neigh inconceivable. Bad Beat on the Bad Beat Jackpot: Straight Flush over Quads over ... Aug 22, 2018 ... R.J. Bergman slow-played quad nines into third place, missing out on the big share of the bad beat jackpot. It was an odds-defying hand most ... Largest Bad Beat Jackpot in U.S. Poker History Just Hit in Michigan

Nearly all casinos require you to use both your hole cards to make your hand in order to win a Monte Carlo jackpot, and a few require that quads be made with a  ...

Well, the odds for that are pretty slim: With two players holding a pocket pair both will hit quads by the river roughly once every 39,000 attempts. Factoring in the odds of having two players being dealt pocket pairs before the flop, you’ll see such a scenario at a full-ring table only once every 313k hands –... What are the odds, of making Quads by the river with ... These are the odds of getting quads (when dealt a pocket pair) (or a straight flush with two suited and connected cards) WITHOUT assuming that you flopped a set. *edit* Note that the odds for the turn include quads made on the flop, and the odds for the river include quads made on the flop and the turn. Quick Quads Poker - How to Play, Odds, Strategy, and Paytables Quick Quads Poker Odds and Pay Tables. The big change in payout is at the 4 of a kind level. You’ll also notice that quads with 2s, 3s, and 4s pay out better than other 4 of a kinds. This is due to the lower amount of possible combinations to make the quads with these ranks.

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The Poker Player - Quads over Quads 😂😂😂 | Facebook THE TOP 5 MOST BRUTAL POKER BAD BEATS EVER! 12:34 · 11,210 Views. The Poker Player Videos Quads over Quads 😂😂😂